Deadwood DVD Poster, Season 1 After having finished “True Blood” for now (happily not for real – a third and fourth season will definitely follow), me and my girlfriend just started watching a new series that I have on my list of must-view series for quite some time now: Deadwood. I seem to be getting to like HBO productions a lot. After Six Feet Under and True Blood this is my third HBO produced series – and I still have The Sopranos on my must-view list as well.

Actually I did not really know what exactly to expect, when watching the first episode, and just now, after watching it, I am still a bit puzzled abut it (but positively curious about the next bunch of episodes).

Deadwood is a western drama that is set in the village of Deadwood, which actually is a real city in South Dakota, now. Even more interestingly, Deadwood is mainly based on real historical events. The series starts in 1876, when Deadwood was nothing more but a road with provisional housings (most of them are rather tenths). It attracted all kind of people as it was said to be near major gold deposits. Most of the people are criminals as Deadwood is also known to be a place with no laws, as it is in an area, that at that time is not under US juristrisction, but in the hands of the Native Americans.

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