True Blood

True Blood Promotional Poster, Season 1

After watching King of Queens, Friends, Six Feet Under, Scrubs, Dexter, the entire Star Trek series, Desperate Housewives, Battlestar Galactica and Jekyll (still need to blog on those ones!), I now found a new, really interesting series, that, at least in Germany is pretty unknown. It’s called “True Blood”, and it’s written by “Alan Ball”, who wrote the movie “American Beauty” and the series “Six Feet Under”. Producer is HBO, who is famous for quite some quality series (such as “Six Feet Under”). In America it’s aired since September 2008, in Germany the first season was aired in May 2009, on the private pay-tv channel 13th Street. Only yesterday they started airing the the second season. A third one is been produced (starting December 2009) and will be aired in the USA this year, rumors on a fourth season were confirmed by Ball (probably 2011). Each episode is approximately an hour long, and normally ends with a really nasty cliffhanger.

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