Déjà-vu, or yet another SFU entry!!!

Nexx ist schuld, dass ich jetzt schon wieder damit anfange, nachdem ich es vor etlichen Jahren schon mehrfach getan hatte. Voila!

Für alle die noch nicht so lange dabei sind und lesen:

30.05.2008: Six feet under
20.06.2008: Six feet under (… again)
29.06.2008: Six Feet Under, No 30179
10.07.2008: You won’t believe it – Six Feet Under, again

Ja, ich bin ein riesiger Fan dieser, in meinen Augen Ausnahme-Serie. Und ich werde auch nicht müde, sie wärmstens einfach nur jedem zu empfehlen. Phänomenal, immer noch auf Platz 1 meiner liebsten Serien!

You won’t believe it – Six Feet Under, again

It just happened, that while posting on a Forum about Six Feet Under, I just looked up one of the Promo Videos. While doing so, I found the last 9 Minutes of the Final on YouTube. Unbelievable, what you can find on YouTube.

So this post is intended for all those who have already seen the complete series. Please do not watch this video, if you do not. It will spoil you everything, I guess.

For all those who have seen the Series already: Enjoy it 🙂 (while watching this, I get goosebumps over and over again)

Six Feet Under, No 30179

Hm, I am just curious about when I will stop writing about this TV Series 😉

But let’s get to the point. By luck I found this nice promotion videos on YouTube. They are really cool, especially if you already know what is happening in which season. Great to watch.

Season 1 (sadly only as DVD Trailer, but anyway 😉 )
Season 2
Season 3
Season 4
Season 5 (the grand final)

I am really looking forward to see the whole series again. That will be sometime in October, when my girlfriend moved in. I hope she enjoys it as much as I do!

(And this one looks not so bad either. I think I’ll have a look for more HBO Productions)

Six feet under (… again)

Yeah, another post on Six Feet Under. Why? Well, I just finished watching it. And right now, I am… overwhelmed.

I mean – at the beginning I was sad, about how the series developed. I expected something totally different. Something more black, like “Death at a funeral” – but without this typical British Humor, that makes everything a little stupid.

But anyway, as the series went on, I started liking the series more and more. So what is it about?
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Six feet under

As you may know by one of my former posts I was looking for new series to fill my day (and I still am, so if you know some new series that you can recommend, do not hesitate to comment, mail, jabber or contact me by any other way, that you desire).

I now started watching one of these new series, that I wanted to watch anyway. Six feet under. Even though I am not gone far with watching yet, I already have an opinion, which is not bad. So in this post I would like to present it to you.

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