Mal wieder etwas aus dem Potter-Universum

Eigentlich war ich bisher ja eher genervt von “News” aus dem Potter-Universum. Da sollte Dumbledore im nachhinein Schwul sein, und Hermine hätte vielleicht doch eher mit Potter zusammen kommen sollen, weil Rowling nach den Filmen die Erkenntnis hatte, dass Ron doch eher ein Looser ist. Und dann kommt ständig das Gerücht über ein Sequel auf; vielleicht auch um rückwirkend in die Geschichte eingreifen zu können? -Ein wenig hab ich das Gefühl, Rowling kann nix anderes mehr und will daher keine Gelegenheit auslassen an der Harry Potter Saga herum zu doktorn.

Dabei ist das Werk gut. Es hat sich als Buch millionenfach verkauft, die Fangemeinde ist unglaublich, Rowlings Vermögen nach Vermarktung der Filmrechte auf über 600 Millionen Pfund geschätzt – sie kann also soviel nicht falsch gemacht haben. Und dennoch, wenn man sich in den Fan-Fiction-Kreisen umsieht (ich kenne (leider 😀 ) ein paar Potterheads (wohl analog zu Pottheads), wie sie sich gerne bezeichnen, und habe deshalb immer mal wieder Einblick in diese sehr verrückte Welt der Fanfiction-Schreiber), so hat man das Gefühl, das Rowling sich ebenfalls dort umguckt und das, was die Fans gerne hätten, das wird dann in einem nächsten Interview genannt, damit sie den Fans möglichst nahe ist.

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Deadwood DVD Poster, Season 1 After having finished “True Blood” for now (happily not for real – a third and fourth season will definitely follow), me and my girlfriend just started watching a new series that I have on my list of must-view series for quite some time now: Deadwood. I seem to be getting to like HBO productions a lot. After Six Feet Under and True Blood this is my third HBO produced series – and I still have The Sopranos on my must-view list as well.

Actually I did not really know what exactly to expect, when watching the first episode, and just now, after watching it, I am still a bit puzzled abut it (but positively curious about the next bunch of episodes).

Deadwood is a western drama that is set in the village of Deadwood, which actually is a real city in South Dakota, now. Even more interestingly, Deadwood is mainly based on real historical events. The series starts in 1876, when Deadwood was nothing more but a road with provisional housings (most of them are rather tenths). It attracted all kind of people as it was said to be near major gold deposits. Most of the people are criminals as Deadwood is also known to be a place with no laws, as it is in an area, that at that time is not under US juristrisction, but in the hands of the Native Americans.

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Yet another “True Blood” entry

I just looked out for the True Blood DVDs – first and second seasons must be available I thought. And at least the first, of course, is – in the States that is – the German release is dated to be released on April 9th (according to Amazon). I’m just curious wether or not to buy them. According to this review, the DVD has just little (though pretty interesting) extras.

I think I’d rather be waiting for some collectors’ box at the end of the series – yet who knows when that’ll be?

Sadly there isn’t any special release that would ease up my decision. I’d love to see some release in the good Dexter tradition! Now blood bag would be a nice and fitting idea for True Blood, wouldn’t it?

What do you think, did you buy it? Would you buy it? If you did, are you happy with it?

Btw. the two Amazon product websites on Season one and Season two have great pictures of the characters, just scroll down for it 😉

Timebomb / I will rise up

True Blood Poster, Season 2

As the title says, I just watched episodes 8 and 9 of the second season of True Blood, and it’s just, wow!

I am especially sad about the ending with Godric, cause I really liked him a lot. A well played character and a well chosen actor, who, though being so young (and small like hell – maybe even smaller than me?), manages to build up an aura of wisdom and authority – really managing to convince you that he is 2,000 years old. Really great.

Therefore his dead is really sad. Meanwhile there is so much tension building up, e.g. between Tara and Eggs, and her mother and Lafayet – I’m really curious about how this will develop. Still this whole Maryann story just puzzles me – I have no idea what so ever, on what to expect. But, from the beginning that I saw Michelle Forbes on the set, I knew she wasn’t for any good. Still, I didn’t recognize her, I just knew that I know her. It was my girlfriend that remembered her being Admiral Cain on Battlestar Pegasus. I guess that’s why somehow I’m prejudiced against her. But if I remember correctly, I already was, when I first saw her step out of the shuttle in Battlestar Galactica. Somehow she has an evil aura…

And then of course there’s also the story with Eric, Bill and Sookie. Now with Sookie having drunk Erics blood this relationship is also getting more explosive. Just recalls this blog post I recently found – which reminds me of one of the best quotes in this context:

But my blood is stronger than yours!

(Eric to Bill, when Sookie was attacked by Maryann)

Sadly, being at Episode 9 means that season 2 will be over soon. And it’s just such long time till June, for season 3 (and it’ll be even harder waiting for season 4).

At least I am happy that the Jason-Church-of-the-Sun madness just resolved. Even though Jason might be stupid, it somehow felt wrong from the first moment onward.

Godric, at the roof with Sookie

True Blood

True Blood Promotional Poster, Season 1

After watching King of Queens, Friends, Six Feet Under, Scrubs, Dexter, the entire Star Trek series, Desperate Housewives, Battlestar Galactica and Jekyll (still need to blog on those ones!), I now found a new, really interesting series, that, at least in Germany is pretty unknown. It’s called “True Blood”, and it’s written by “Alan Ball”, who wrote the movie “American Beauty” and the series “Six Feet Under”. Producer is HBO, who is famous for quite some quality series (such as “Six Feet Under”). In America it’s aired since September 2008, in Germany the first season was aired in May 2009, on the private pay-tv channel 13th Street. Only yesterday they started airing the the second season. A third one is been produced (starting December 2009) and will be aired in the USA this year, rumors on a fourth season were confirmed by Ball (probably 2011). Each episode is approximately an hour long, and normally ends with a really nasty cliffhanger.

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“Und wenn der Mond am Himmel steht, und wenn die Turmuhr 12 mal schlägt…”

“… dann kommt die Zeit wo der Vampir erwacht – und dann fliegt er durch die schwarze Nacht!”

These are the first lines of the 2nd television adaption of the ingenious children story “Der kleine Vampir” by Angela Sommer-Bodenburg (visit the fan website, if you want to learn more about the little vampire, Rüdiger). I loved the books; actually I read them a zillion times when I was a child – and now I have the first four books in a special collection edition (and I intend to complete this collection 😉 ), I loved watching the television series, both of them, the old and the new. And actually today I found this ingenious YouTube entry – a collection of all songs sung in the 2nd television adaption.

Really nice – I feel like I’m eight years again 🙂

You won’t believe it – Six Feet Under, again

It just happened, that while posting on a Forum about Six Feet Under, I just looked up one of the Promo Videos. While doing so, I found the last 9 Minutes of the Final on YouTube. Unbelievable, what you can find on YouTube.

So this post is intended for all those who have already seen the complete series. Please do not watch this video, if you do not. It will spoil you everything, I guess.

For all those who have seen the Series already: Enjoy it 🙂 (while watching this, I get goosebumps over and over again)

Six Feet Under, No 30179

Hm, I am just curious about when I will stop writing about this TV Series 😉

But let’s get to the point. By luck I found this nice promotion videos on YouTube. They are really cool, especially if you already know what is happening in which season. Great to watch.

Season 1 (sadly only as DVD Trailer, but anyway 😉 )
Season 2
Season 3
Season 4
Season 5 (the grand final)

I am really looking forward to see the whole series again. That will be sometime in October, when my girlfriend moved in. I hope she enjoys it as much as I do!

(And this one looks not so bad either. I think I’ll have a look for more HBO Productions)

Six feet under (… again)

Yeah, another post on Six Feet Under. Why? Well, I just finished watching it. And right now, I am… overwhelmed.

I mean – at the beginning I was sad, about how the series developed. I expected something totally different. Something more black, like “Death at a funeral” – but without this typical British Humor, that makes everything a little stupid.

But anyway, as the series went on, I started liking the series more and more. So what is it about?
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