Broaden your music taste

Though I might convey the impression, that I have a pretty narrow music taste, actually I enjoy a lot of different music styles and have a hugh variety of bands that I like, from Pop to Hip Hop, and even Trance.
A thing that I lack though, is a way to broaden my “music knowledge”, especially as I do not have television and don’t listen to radio (and hey, anyway, they’ll just play the same crap over and over again). In the past I used to share a lot with friends, and people in chats, etc. But somehow those times ended as well, I am not that active in forums anymore, I hardly ever use IRC and after sending my ICQ account to hell (well more or less), I even don’t have that many people in my Jabber messenger anymore.
Anyway, just now I found a pretty nice way to broaden my music knowledge again. It’s called Lieblingslieder.
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