After finally seeing the stop motion video “Me” by Asp on YouTube (I never actually came to the idea of looking for it – I just found it by accident, while searching another song for my mother), I found the next band, I want to present to you. (Actually I never intended to write so much about music, but actually music is one of my passions – maybe I should think about a template and better formating for this music sections 😉 ).

So first of all here is the video I was talking about:

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If it was possible to fall in love with music…

… it would be the music of this woman I would fall in love with!

Amy Lee as Black Butterfly

Yesterday, while looking for a picture of someone with a big smile (and I remembered that there was a really funny one from her – but I could not find it) I found this beautiful picture.

This led me to present this band to you. So let’s start:

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