Emilie Autumn Bundle and Concert in Hamburg

As already mentioned I figured out that Emilie Autumn is a really fine artist and funny person. So, after hearing her read from her book, which, though full of funny passages is still quite serious, I’ve decided that I need to have it. I just got a short glance at it at the reading (which annoyed me, especially as she had it with her at her „Meet and Greet“ session, to skim through it). And I also wanted to see her regular show. Now both things came true 🙂

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Review of “ASP und Freunde: Von Zaubererbrüdern, Schwarzen Schmetterlingen und anderen Nachtgestalten”

The day before yesterday me and my girlfriend went to the Unplugged Tour of ASP in Hamburg. And this event is definitely worth a blog entry! Of course this was a concert, that was totally different to anything before. Not only because it was the tour for the new album Krabat, which also marks the end of the old album cycle on the Black Butterfly, but also because it was the first acoustic concert, with no E-Guitars, but acoustic guitars, as well as classic instrumentation. And it was the first concert by ASP with seats instead of place to stand.
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