“Und wenn der Mond am Himmel steht, und wenn die Turmuhr 12 mal schlägt…”

“… dann kommt die Zeit wo der Vampir erwacht – und dann fliegt er durch die schwarze Nacht!”

These are the first lines of the 2nd television adaption of the ingenious children story “Der kleine Vampir” by Angela Sommer-Bodenburg (visit the fan website, if you want to learn more about the little vampire, Rüdiger). I loved the books; actually I read them a zillion times when I was a child – and now I have the first four books in a special collection edition (and I intend to complete this collection 😉 ), I loved watching the television series, both of them, the old and the new. And actually today I found this ingenious YouTube entry – a collection of all songs sung in the 2nd television adaption.

Really nice – I feel like I’m eight years again 🙂