Favorite adult cartoons

Last week somehow was pretty funny, concerning cartoons, because in just one week it happened, that I was talking with three different people about cartoons, and why I like which ones, etc. (and for closure it happens that my little brothers where watching my favorite cartoon as well, and liked it pretty much).

So why not blog about it, so I can refer to it, when the next person asks? 😉

So maybe first of all the list of cartoons we are talking about (alphabetical order):

  • American Dad
  • Drawn Together
  • Family Guy
  • The Simpsons
  • South Park

I will now give a small explanation of the plot in each cartoon, about the style and humor, and why I like it, or dislike it.

But to start with I do not want to withhold you, which of them is my favourite: It’s South Park!

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