App icon of the game Hoggy There are a lot of Apps for the iPhone out there – if you are interested in current numbers, just watch Steve Jobs latest Keynotes. Unfortunately out of this great numbers of Apps only a few I consider worth recommending.

This App, Hoggy is so good that I even consider about it.

Hoggy is a game, created by Raptisoft Games and as they programmers describe it, it’s …

(…) a cheerful side-scrolling puzzler inspired by games like Super Mario Bro’s and other Nintendo hits.

Starting sequence The game starts with a little sequence: A funny, glibbery looking purplish ball has to see how his girlfriend is kidnapped by some “Moon Men” – and what do funny, glibbery looking purplish balls do in such a case? Of course, they seek for vengeance. And that is where you come in.

In order to get to the Moon Men, you’ll need to help navigate Hoggy (I think that glibbery looking purplish ball is called Hoggy) to them. As quoted its a side-scrolling game, i.e. when the character moves to the edge of the screen, the screen is moved to that new direction (somewhat like a pager). Navigation is actually just limited to three movements: tilting the iPhone a little to the left makes Hoggy move left, tilting it right makes it… well guess 😉
The third movement is tapping the screen. Once tapped, Hoogy jumps to the ceiling, and sticks to it. This way it can move around the screen upside down. And basically that’s all to it.

To gain keys you need to get into the jars Now to get back at the Moon Men, Hoogy needs to find keys to open the barriers that block the way. Each barrier has a amount of keys that need to be found first. A key is gained by jumping into a jar (there are a lot of jars all over the way), and in the jar Hoggy has to eat all fruit. Of course to make it a little harder, there are helpers of the Moon Men that stand in your way. Additionally, there are also objects that make the travel harder, e.g. spikes, bombs, or switches that make invisible walls visible and vice versa. This is where the puzzle aspects come into the game. The first ones are of course pretty easy, but as you proceed in the game, the harder the puzzles get. To get to the cherry, you need combination skills, logic and the right timing. This is one of the more easier puzzles Besides some logical skills in puzzle solving you’ll also need a good eye and perfect timing to advance. Not all puzzles are easy, some I even didn’t manage yet. But don’t worry: If you don’t make a puzzle you can retry it as often as you want. And if you feel like you won’t make it, then just leave the jar and move to the next.

What makes this game so interesting is that though it has a pretty easy and limited controlling system it has a fun and exciting gameplay that combines puzzling with timing and experimenting.

Hoggy is free of charge, and if you played the game through and liked it, there is also the possibility of an “In-App Purchase” to include additional levels. I’ve played it for approx. two weeks now and I haven’t completed it yet, nor did I lose the fun playing it. So in my opinion it’s a definite you’ll have to try it!

Link to the iTunes page of the game

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