I don’t know what this summer’ll bring…

… but I do sure as hell know, what this winter’s gonna be like: It’ll rock!

While still waiting on any news concerning this years Plage Noire (last year’s one was ingenious as I’ve already told you!), I’ve already bought two tickets to the this years tour of Asp, as well as their revival tour of “Von Zaubererbrüdern”. I’m really looking forward to this, especially the second one. It was so great the last time (nearly three years ago), and now, it’ll finally be revived.

Tickets for two different Asp shows this year

There’s probably not going to be any album by Asp soon – they won’t start working again under similar conditions as they did before – and it’ll take some time to change all these conditions. But they are working on it.

... and I'm not going alone

The ASP Fan magazines - for this special occasion there where two issues at the same time!

Anyway. I am also, again famous 😉
Okey, it’s just the fan magazine of Asp, but actually I got all my questions answered that I sent in for the great 10th anniversaries fan interview. Four questions I had sent in, and all four answers where quite to my liking 🙂

Three of my question's on page one of the first magazine

Still, that’s just a side note. 😉

... and one question on the last page of the second issue

(I’ve added a blur effect on the magazine, because I don’t possess the copyright for any of that material!)

2 thoughts on “I don’t know what this summer’ll bring…

  1. Heh, that’s awesome. You just need some patience now 🙂

    I do, too, since my favorite group, Schandmaul, is not going to play any concerts this year 😦

    Greetings from #woot, btw ,-)

  2. Du hast sie schon! *neid*
    Ich hinke dieses Jahr mit dem Kartenkauf ziemlich hinterher. Musste mir am Donnerstag ein neues Auto kaufen, deswegen musste ich den Kartenkauf noch weiter nach hinten verschieben. Ich hoffe sie sind nicht all zu schnell ausverkauft. Aber der Asp wollte uns ja “vorwarnen”, wenn es so weit ist.

    Und die beiden neuen Papilions sind großartig. Drei meiner Fragen wurden auch beantwortet. 🙂

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