Yet another “True Blood” entry

I just looked out for the True Blood DVDs – first and second seasons must be available I thought. And at least the first, of course, is – in the States that is – the German release is dated to be released on April 9th (according to Amazon). I’m just curious wether or not to buy them. According to this review, the DVD has just little (though pretty interesting) extras.

I think I’d rather be waiting for some collectors’ box at the end of the series – yet who knows when that’ll be?

Sadly there isn’t any special release that would ease up my decision. I’d love to see some release in the good Dexter tradition! Now blood bag would be a nice and fitting idea for True Blood, wouldn’t it?

What do you think, did you buy it? Would you buy it? If you did, are you happy with it?

Btw. the two Amazon product websites on Season one and Season two have great pictures of the characters, just scroll down for it 😉

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