Emilie Autumn Bundle and Concert in Hamburg

As already mentioned I figured out that Emilie Autumn is a really fine artist and funny person. So, after hearing her read from her book, which, though full of funny passages is still quite serious, I’ve decided that I need to have it. I just got a short glance at it at the reading (which annoyed me, especially as she had it with her at her „Meet and Greet“ session, to skim through it). And I also wanted to see her regular show. Now both things came true 🙂

Shop banner for the bundle
© by Emilie Autumn

When I learned that in the US there’s a bundle, for $79 USD, including the book, the new Opheliac Deluxe Edition album (which is hopefully the final version – there are some other versions of this album, as there where some problems with publishing it for a worldwide audience), a T-Shirt, a shopping bag and a recipe booklet containing recipes that come directly from the Asylum tea parties 🙂 I knew I’ve had to have it!

Together with shipping fees, we ended up with $115, and I was a little afraid of the additional taxes that you usually pay, when you order something from the states. But, unbelievable cool, it contained a little label on the package stating that it was a gift 🙂 Great. It took some time to get here (approx. a month), but it’s finally here.

The shopping bag

Unfortunately the website describing the package is already offline (the package is sold out), but as you can see on the banner, the bag’s not quite what we expected – it’s actually an Opheliac shopping bag, but that ain’t no problem [Update: I just found an identical description in the fan forum. Not as nice formated as the webpage, but still]. I was a bit disappointed about the recipe booklet, though. It’s just a one-fold sheet, containing two recipes in the inside, and a picture of Emilie on the outside. Still quite exotic recipes: “Green Tea Muffins” (vegan) and “Earl Grey Tea Biscuits” (non-vegan). I’m especially exited about the second one, as I discovered earl grey tea as one of my favorites on Gran Canaria.

The recipe booklet (outside)The recipe booklet (inside)

The book is, well, wow. Quite heavy, a hardcover book with real thick card paper, 30,5 x 22 x 2,5 cm, so nothing that you can carry around with you. It’s totally crazy but lovely designed, not one regular “black on white” page. Most pages have a type writer font on brownish, paper, most of them contain some kind of additional “visuals”, some have crayon drawings, some are letters, hand written excerpts from diaries, and other pages (like the one on leeches) are totally crazy 🙂 All in all a really nice piece of artwork.

Quite a thick bookThe book without the cover
A typically designed page - with some images associated to the text, and some crayon writing ;-)I love the printings. They look so realistic - especially in those photographs
A lot of 'Did you know?'-sectionsThere are also a lot of quizzes included

The album – well I had most of the content beforehand. I could list the tracks, I could write something on every track (which would take quite some time, as it is a double CD with 31 tracks), but all wouldn’t do her justice. What I can tell you is, that it is totally different to e.g. “Enchant”, which she called “Fairypop”. This one’s more melodic industrial… but can industrial be really melodic? It’s hard to categorize her music – so I guess best is to just don’t.

Front of the CDInside the CD - No. I
Inside the CD - No. II + BookletBack of the CD
Sorry for the bad photographs – it was one of the few sunny days, and unfortunately I saw the reflections of my hands and camera only at the computer (when it was dark again)

If you’d like to get an impression, some of my favorites are:
Misery Loves Company
I want my innocence back

The Album is accompanied by quite some extras, e.g. four videos, form concerts, and one of them exclusively for the album, there are classical violin recordings (you may know that Emilie Autumn is an excellent violinist) playing songs by Bach, an excerpt of a reading of her book, an “interview” (really funny), a poem (she also wrote poems), etc.

Oh, and there was an additional one-track CD. As it seems that’s an addition by the label. Juliette Lewis – Fantasy Bar. Quite a nice song, and a cool gesture 🙂

The bonus CD

Now let me come to the last part, the T-Shirt. Though my girlfriend and I hadn’t decided on who gets the T-Shirt (we bought that bundle together), we’d decided to go for a “male” or normal version T-Shirt and not that “girlie” one. Anyhow, when seeing it, I decided that it was too feminine for me to wear 🙂
It’s all in glitter writing, in addition to that little hearts, and all… so I gladly offered it to my girlfriend, who then cut it into pieces and then sew it together again, to get an nearly sleeveless girly cut T-Shirt (crazy – I would have so broken it).

The T-Shirt, after my girlfriend changed it

Now to something completely different, still related.

After having met Emilie Autumn live at the “Meet and Greet” at Plage Noire and after her wonderful reading session, I knew, that I had to see one of her real shows. It so happened that my girlfriend therefore bought us tickets for the upcoming “The Asylum Tour: The Key”, her Europe Tour that takes place from February till March.

So, finally that date has come and I was at my first real Emilie Autumn concert – or should I rather call it show? Varieté? I don’t know. As with the album this is something that lacks comparable events.

First of all, the setting:
On the right hand side there was some kind of piano (I didn’t quite get the name of that instrument – it wasn’t directly a piano and had a different (non-changable?) sound) a harpsichord (in German: Cembalo, that was covered with blankets, which had signs like “Beware of escaped inmates”, and a lot of plastic rats on it. On the left hand side there was a tea setting, with a lot of biscuits. And in the middle there was this huge “clock”, which had only the times “12” and “4” on it (tea time 🙂 ). But it could also be used to climb on, or in it, as well as a shadow wall.

The settingUsage as a shadow wall
Again - usage as a shadow wallBut you could also use it, to climb in, or on it

For the show, Emilie Autumn of course brought all her “Bloody Crumpets” with her. Bloody Crumpets are the girls that she travels with. They most of the time just perform to the music, but they also do little acting scenes together, sometimes they even sing some backings, or play an instrument. All in all there are four bloody crumpets – unfortunately one of them (Captain Maggots) couldn’t come (according to Emilie Autumn she was away with her pirate crew, searching for booty).

The CrumpetsNaughty Veronica
Lady AprellaBlessed Contessa

The show itself was great. We had a lot of dancing, little acts, a pyro-show, people from the audience where asked to the stage (there was in fact a lot of interaction with the audience), and in a violin solo Emilie Autumn proofed, that Violins are the new E-Guitars – great. Oh, and while talking about crumpets – there where a lot of biscuit crumpets that where spilled into the crowd, and it was followed by something that you might call tea – I’d rather call it tea flavored vodka (according to it’s smell) 🙂


Violin solo

All in all it was all quite eccentric – the clothing, the masks, the entire show. We managed to get to the very front (second or third row), and that while this time using the wardrobe for the first time. The “Knust” is a cute little location that is in Hamburg, St. Pauli at the “Alter Schlachthof” – quite cool, as it is approx. 15 Minutes away – 30 if you walk. Hadn’t had a nearer concert yet.

A setlist will follow, if I’ll find someone to go all songs through with. 😉 But of course there where a lot of Opheliac songs. Sadly no song of the old times (Enchant) – I would have loved to hear “Juliett”. But still, I had a lot of my favorite songs played, so I’m quite content with the Setlist 🙂

So all in all a totally great, yet different and new concert experience. I was happy to be there, and I am definitely looking forward to the next concert (of course I got my self a really neat tour shirt. Maybe I’ll add an photo of that later).

6 thoughts on “Emilie Autumn Bundle and Concert in Hamburg

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    • Hey Sydney,
      I’m sorry to inform you that this probably was a time-limited offer, that – given this posting is nearly five years old – is not offered anymore. At least I cannot find it at the official store where I’ve bought it. You can still get the book, which is now released in a second edition, and is also available as eBook and as audio book. The CD should also be available but it says “Temporarely sold out” – but as far as I know, that CD is not sold exclusively by EA, so you might try your luck at any other CD shop. T-Shirt, Bag and Muffin reciepies where however bundle-exclusive so you won’t find them anywhere else (except maybe on eBay). Sorry for the bad news; you’ve just been five years too late for that :/

      PS: Here’s the official shop if you are interested in other EA stuff: http://www.asylumemporium.com/

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