Asp shopping list

While surfing around I just found the weblog welt:b:unter (a word game – Weltunter is a song by Asp, and bunter means more colorful) that hat a pretty extensive shopping list containing CDs (especially special editions) by Asp as well as other merchandise stuff.

Now this brought me to the idea of why not draw a line and list up, what of that list I possess :-). And I guess that I’ll maybe have some entries that will follow this one (inspired by welt:b:unter), which’ll contain some of the more interesting stuff by Asp, with pictures, and where and how I got them 😉

I posses:

  1. “Hast Du Mich Vermisst? (Der Schwarze Schmetterling I)”, limited, numbered, re-released, remastered digi-pack box-edition. (2004, original from 2000, not available due to insolvent label)
  2. “:Duett (Der Schwarze Schmetterling II)”, limited, numbered, re-released, remastered, digi-pack box-edition. (2004, original form 2002, not available du to insolvent label)
  3. “Aus der Tiefe (Der Schwarze Schmetterling IV)”, limited, numbered, longbook digi-pack in slipcase (first edition), 2005
  4. “Varieté Obscur”, limited, numbered, re-released special second edition (first edition released in 2006, this one is the luxury edition of 2009)
  5. “Werben” (Single CD), 2006
  6. “Werben”, limited special edition containing a 12″ LP, Mini-CD, Promo-CD. 2006
  7. “Horror Vacui – The eeriest tales of Asp so far”, limited, numbered, remastered best-of, first edition digi-pack. 2008
  8. “Akoasma – Horror Vacui Live”, limited special edition 3-CD digi-book in cardbox. 2008
  9. “Die kleine Ballade vom Schwarzen Schmetterling”, special remix digi-book book edition. 2009
  10. “Von Zaubererbrüdern – Live & Unplugged”, limited first edition in slipcase containing 3 CDs + 2 DVDs. 2009
  11. “Wer Sonst?”, limited, numbered first edition with comic book. 2009

Quite a collection, huh?
Still there are some things, that I miss in my collection (by the way, I don’t collect everything, even though it may seem so. I for instance am not a fan of the “Once in a Lifetime”-stuff and therefore am not interested in those 😉 ).

  1. Demo 1999. I don’t know whether or not you could buy it. Just saw it on the list at welt:b:unter, so I added it 😉
  2. To get the first editions of the first three, lost albums would be quite neat. But I’m not actively looking for them 😉
  3. “Weltunter (Der Schwarze Schmetterling III)”, limited, numbered, re-released, remastered, digi-pack box-edition. (2004, original form 2002, not available du to insolvent label) I really really miss this one a lot. I have the first two albums in this wonderful edition, but since now I couldn’t find the third one for an affordable price Got this one
  4. “Ich will brennen”, digi-pack single which contains cool live versions of two songs plus a video clip.
  5. “Hunger” special, limited digi-pack edition in slipcase, extremely rare containing a lot of live material, plus video clips.
  6. “Ich bin ein wahrer Satan 1-4” – I could have gotten all four plus the coupons with it – but it was way to expensive (oh how I wanted that offer)
  7. “Isobel Goudie” – I’d say, that besides the new “Varieté Obscur” it’s the second most rare and wanted item. The production was limited to 999 copies. These copies where handed out only at the “Ich bin ein wahrer Satan” tour, and only if you possessed all four coupons that where included in those four EPs. All the not-given-away copies where afterwards destroyed! I guess you could imagine at what prices this 1-track card-sleeve single is sold at? Maybe I’m lucky, some day.
  8. “Requiembryo (Der Schwarze Schmetterling V)”, limited, digi-book first edition in slipcase Still looking for that, but meanwhile I got the “Requiembryo LP”. Quite lovely, especially the larger booklet.
  9. “Zaubererbruder”, limited, numbered, special digi-pack edition in a box. I had it in my hands so many times. Just didn’t had the money then (and a girlfriend at my side that reminded me of that fact 😉 ).
  10. “Nie Mehr! – Die verschollenen Archive, Vol. I”

Quite another list, huh?
Now, if you, by any chance, posses one of these artworks, and you don’t like it, and don’t know what to do with it, I’d be glad to receive an email from you 😉

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