Broaden your music taste

Though I might convey the impression, that I have a pretty narrow music taste, actually I enjoy a lot of different music styles and have a hugh variety of bands that I like, from Pop to Hip Hop, and even Trance.
A thing that I lack though, is a way to broaden my “music knowledge”, especially as I do not have television and don’t listen to radio (and hey, anyway, they’ll just play the same crap over and over again). In the past I used to share a lot with friends, and people in chats, etc. But somehow those times ended as well, I am not that active in forums anymore, I hardly ever use IRC and after sending my ICQ account to hell (well more or less), I even don’t have that many people in my Jabber messenger anymore.
Anyway, just now I found a pretty nice way to broaden my music knowledge again. It’s called Lieblingslieder.

Lieblingslieder is a service by the music magazine Intro, a magazine on pop music. Lieblingslieder is a list of songs, mostly by pretty unknown bands, that the editorial staff things worthy listening to. This list is not simply available as list, but if you are registered at Intro, you’ll get a coupon code for all the songs in the list, which you can cash in at the iTunes store.1 Each list is downloaded as a playlist for iTunes, so they are easily accessible, even if you have a large iTunes Music Library. Though Intro is a pop music magazine, the list contains a large variety of different genres. All together (I’ve just downloaded 2 Lists till now) I’ve got songs of this genres:

  • HipHop
  • Pop
  • Rock
  • Alternative
  • Electro
  • Jazz
  • Dance
  • R&B/Soul

The lists contain 7-8 songs, and I think that anyone will find something to his or her liking in them.
With the help of Lieblingslieder I just found one great band, that produced a great album, which I really love (I’m going to blog about them, later), so to me the registration at Intro already payed out.
The lists are release every month, and best of all: You’ll even don’t have to check the site all the time, as they’ll inform you via mail if there’s new content available. Each list is accessible until the 15th of the following month. So if you’ll hurry, you could even get the list of last month!

Hope you’ll enjoy it! 🙂
(and of course: If you know any similar services, I would appreciated it, if you’d let me know)

1 Of course this means you’ll also need to have iTunes installed on your computer, otherwise the iTunes Store will not be accessible to you. And if you want to download anything form the iTunes Store, you’d also need to create an account there. To do so, you’ll need to provide Apple some credit card details so that they can bill you in case that you’ll use any commercial services, they offer. But (at least for now) the lists offered by Intro are free of charge, what so ever.


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