Emilie Autumn

I just found a new band, that really rocks, which is why I’d like to present them here. As the title suggests, I am talking about Emilie Autumn, the girl that in 2006/2007 had her great breakthrough, as you could read in all the gothic scene media.

Actually also I had some songs beforehand, but strangely people tend to always send me the wrong songs. Anyway those few songs that I came across listening to, weren’t that good and I couldn’t understand the fuzz about her at first. But anyway, I am a persistent person and give everything a second chance and so now I got the chance to listen to an album from her, Enchant, and it totally got me.

So, what to say about Emilie Autumn? Well first of all there isn’t much about her to tell yet.

Let’s start with a picture then – this is what she looks like:

Emilie Autumn

Emilie Autumn

So let me start with a little on her biography:

Emilie Autumn was born on September 22nd, 1979 in Malibu, California, and was thought music at a really early age – she started with four years, and learned to become a concert violinist, song composer, and music historian. Her first self composed and written song she published at the age of 13. At the age of 18 she parted form her former label and founded her own (Traitor Records), with which she also published her first album (it was recorded in 1997, but released only in 2000). Her first important publications though where not musical ones, but poems, published in a poem book, called “Across the sky & Other Poems”. This book was later followed by a reprint that was companioned by an audio CD containing readings of her poems that where backed by her violin music.

Since then she recorded about 5 Albums and released 5 more EPs. The third one, Opheliac, in 2006 lead her to the fame she now has. It was supported by the Orkus magazine which helped her alot.

So let’s come to her music itself. First of all, the voice is great – I liked the voice even in the songs that I didn’t like. It is as powerful as Evanescence, but in my opinion more comparable to Audrey Hanna (Famous for her song “It’s december”), at least in some of the more melodic songs. Her singing style is quite mixed. In some songs you get the impression of a jazz singer. Then there are songs that are sung like pop songs, and yet others, that are shouted, screemed, etc. So a really broad spectrum.

And for the music style, well I guess the only thing you could say that really describes her music is “different”.

She is listed as on of the gothic bands, at least the scene magazines, like Orkus, Gothic, etc. do so. I also read something about victorian goth-girl. If you’d go by the clothing style, you really could say so, it is somehow a gothic like style up mixed with victorian style. Though in contrary to typical gothic clothing it is very colorful, and the colors pink and white seem somewhat dominating – together with a lot of glitter.

Still if you’d call music “gothic”, that still doesn’t say anything (I always tend to say, that gothic is not the defining the music style, but the lyrics – just think about how many different styles of gothic there are).

So how to describe her music? Well it is “rich” – you have songs, where you have so many different layers, so many different instrument that play their melody next to each other – electronic synthesizers, sound effects, melodic high ringing bells, bass, guitars, violins, pianos, drums, and of course her singing in multiple voice layers.

Best example would be to listen to one of her songs, I’d recommend Juliet, and in contrary to that you should propably listen to the songs Liar, and maybe also In the Lake or Let It Die, so you get some kind of idea of the spectrum of music she produces.

So actually there’s a lot to listen to, and it somehow strangely fit’s together in this very special and strange way. But to me that’s cool, I love strange music 🙂

Anyway that’s just the description of the instruments. When it comes to style, I would say that it is a mixture of pop, electronic, a little rock/metal, and a little folk. All at once, or just some of these aspects per song.

If you’d like to name the genre, Emilie Autumn has given some aid, by making some suggestions.

First she used to call the music she makes Fairy Pop or Fantasy Rock. Now she turned over to call her music victoraindustry or violindustrial.

Besides her music, similar to other gotic bands (i.e. Asp (Weltunter, the reign of the Black Butterfly)) Emilie Autumn founded a fantasy world called The Asylum of Wayward Victorian Girls, that fascinates a lot of fans. Asylum in this case does not have the current political meaning, but the historical meaning for a mental hospital. In this world Emilie Autumn lives toghether with her friends the Bloody Crumpets and her fans.

The Bloody Crumpets on the other side are the dancers, background singers and artists that follow Emilie on her tours.

On tours, Emilie Autumn doesn’t only sing, but she and her Bloody Crumpets use to play bizarre theatric acts.

So that’s all that I am able to tell you about Emilie Autum right at the moment.
If you’re interested in more, I can just advise you to listen to some of her songs. As usual I looked up a little collection of songs for you at youtube, that I consider worth listening. Keep in mind though that (different to all other bands I’ve presented until now) I call this singer on of my favourits for just a really short period now; and do not even know all songs and albums yet.

Emilie Autumn

Emilie Autumn

Chambermaid This is more of a popsong kind.
Juliet Until now my favourit, mixture of balad, and pop-trance(?)
Rose Red
Castle Down
If You Feel Better
Dead is the New Alive This one’s more industrial.
Mad Girl
In the Lake Guitar-Accoustic
Let it Die
Liar (Manic Depressive Mix by Asp) Great remix of the original (which sounds quite similar to the original, but without Asp – maybe a bit more melodic).

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