Helium Vola

Again a post on music. As you may notice, music is one of my great passions. I love to listen to good music, and I consider music as good, if it really gets you. Good music is something that you feel, that you can fall into and forget everything around you.

Such music is played by Helium Vola. Actually I am not a great fan, and I only like a small amount of their songs. But these songs are so enormously good, that I can listen to them over and over again. On the other side I guess for 90% of the readers reading about famous bands such as Asp and Evanescence are bored, as you already know them. So I would love to write about bands that are not that well known. Such is Helium Vola.

Helium Vola is a two man project that tries to combine medieval music with modern electronic music. Founder and mastermind of the band is Ernst Horn, who is also member of the band Deine Lakeien, and used to be member of Qntal, which I would consider of lying between Deine Lakeien and Helium Vola. He is responsible for all the compositions and instruments played. Then there is Sabine Lutzenberger, who is the female singer.

The band was founded in 2001, and until now they just produced 2 albums, “Helium Vola” (2001) and “Liod” (2004). Beside there where three Singles, “Omnis Mundi Creatura” (2001), “Veni Veni” (2004) and “In lichter Farbe steht der Wald” (2004).

The name “Helium vola” is made up of “Helium”, which is the least reactive noble gas, and the second common element in the universe. “Vola” on the other hand comes from the Latin “volare” and means fly (imperative mood of to fly).

Although it is often categorised as medieval band, I think it better fits to electronic or techno/house music. Especially when it comes to the fans – fans of medieval music are more into listening to classic or medieval-rock music. Fans of electronic-medieval mixtures are rare – as is the genre per se.

The singing is only done by a high female voice, singing the lyrics in different medieval German “dialects”, as well as in different medieval French dialects and Latin.

The instrumentation is for most of the songs quite heavy on bass, somewhere between electro, drum’n’base and techno/house. This is mixed with melodic tunes, and atmospheric background sounds (like forest noise, etc.). But there is also quite a bunch of songs that is just vocal.
Most of the songs are danceable.

So let’s get to some samples you could hear:

Seelig (My favorite song)
Omnis Mundi Creatura (also this one I like very much)

Veni Veni
Fama Tuba
In lichter Farbe steht der Wald

And of course:
The official website

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