Six feet under (… again)

Yeah, another post on Six Feet Under. Why? Well, I just finished watching it. And right now, I am… overwhelmed.

I mean – at the beginning I was sad, about how the series developed. I expected something totally different. Something more black, like “Death at a funeral” – but without this typical British Humor, that makes everything a little stupid.

But anyway, as the series went on, I started liking the series more and more. So what is it about?

Generally speaking it really is a family drama (one does not believe it, when one sees the first bunch of episodes – but you will surely see, that it is…) – it is showing us the life of the Fishers. Of Ruth Fisher, a mother who offered all the life she had, to her family and is now desperately searching for her own life, adventures, and most of all trying to avoid being lonely and alienated from her children.
Nate Fisher, the firstborn of the Fishers, who is the cool, relaxed guy, that seems to be doing whatever he wants, but actually is only scared from life and running away, not facing his fears of loosing someone, of commitment and of being a bad person.
David Fisher, a control freak, who wants to do everything right in a more conservative way – but who secretly is a pretty queer gay guy, with a lot of affairs, gay-parties and drugs.
Claire Fisher. The rebel girl, who always seems to attract only the mentally ill guys, and has difficulties in finding out who she really is and what she wants.

And that of course is only the Fishers Family. As the series continues, more and more complex relationships build up. There is Brenda Chenowith, the girlfriend of Nate, which suffered seriously under her mentally disordered family (consisting of her crazy parents, and her brother Billy, who in fact suffers from a bipolar disorder), all the lovers that Ruth has, after the death of her husband Nathaniel Fisher – especially George with his schizophrenic paranoia, the Diaz family with Frederico Diaz, who is working for the Fishers and was a close friend to Nathaniel. And the Kimbels, who will become relatives to the Fishers and have their own tragedy and Keith the boyfriend of David, etc.

Between all these persons there are complex and many-layered difficile relationships, which the actors perfectly put into action. So real, so convincingly played. Of course, a series that is intensely dealing with Death, raises questions. Questions in many ways. About the life you live. About what is right or wrong. Questions like “are you lucky”? Normally people don’t think about death, but it could happen to you tomorrow. If it did, would you say that you lived a happy life? If it did to someone else – could you live with it, because you dealt with the person in a way that makes you feel good, or would you blame yourself for the rest of your life, as the last thing was a fight?

But not only those things, there are so many more. Like different ways of grieving, a critical view on believe, as well as on people who do not believe. How to deal with the loss of someone. And how important the last will is.

And I still could go on with a lot more. But let’s shorten it to this: Generally this series is about life. Funny as it sounds: A Series starring a funeral home, that could actually be best described as something that deals with life. But isn’t it that you always need to be confronted with the opposite to really understand the worth of something?

I would like to stop this post with a my personal opinion. As already said I am quite overwhelmed. This series really manged to touch me deeply. Not only the last episode. I think it started with the second or third one – because as you watch on, you will learn so much more about the character, understand why they act, like they do – and get interested in them. Also this is where the problems turn out more complicated and interesting and some hard strokes occur.

And than the final episode – it was like the masterpiece. A really gigantic final, which not only marked an end for the whole Fishers family as we used to know them – but also a new beginning – a beginning for everybody with some final minutes giving us a preview of the lifes as they will develop in future.

So all in all, I am really absolutely delighted about this series. I am happy to have encountered it and I would love to recommend it to anyone of you out there who still does not know the series. Especially if you are into films with a deeper sense and meaning. Watch it.

And I definitively want to have this special edition box! And if no one is getting it for me as gift (maybe because I inspired you watching this series and you loved it as much as I do?), then I will start saving my money to afford it!

3 thoughts on “Six feet under (… again)

  1. Very well said! I’m happy you liked the way it developed. I don’t know what else to say. I’m just happy you feel the same way about it like I do. 🙂

  2. Hm, did you honestly expected something else?

    I mean, you know me (or I hope you still do) , and I guess you remember, that I always had a weakness for dramas and movies which have a deeper meaning. And what you said here does totally apply for me as well.

    The only difference of course is, whether you always get the meaning. And especially whether you always have the background and the same experiences. And last but not least, also the biological precondition plays a roll. That is why some movies mean more to you than they ment to me and vice versa.
    But in general I always thought, that our taste was quite similar 😉 (at least concerning movies – in music it was different)

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