Six feet under

As you may know by one of my former posts I was looking for new series to fill my day (and I still am, so if you know some new series that you can recommend, do not hesitate to comment, mail, jabber or contact me by any other way, that you desire).

I now started watching one of these new series, that I wanted to watch anyway. Six feet under. Even though I am not gone far with watching yet, I already have an opinion, which is not bad. So in this post I would like to present it to you.

The expression “Six feet under” is a typical English one, an euphemism for saying that somebody’s dead. It is the depth that you burry a coffin in.

The series was produces from 2001-2005 by HBO, a private pay TV station. It tells the story about the Fishers family, who run a funeral home as a family business, called “Fisher and Sons”, where they do everything from hosting the funeral service (at their home), the burring, the restoration of the dead body, etc.

The series starts at Christmas and shows the life of the family Fisher. In the first few Minutes you already realise, that this family does not fit together and that there would hardly be a harmonic family life.
The mother Ruth, and the second born son David Fisher, seem to be quite stiff and conservative persons, who always stick to the rules and never do something unexpected or strange. The other two children of the Fishers, Nate the firstborn son and Claire, the daughter, and youngest child in contrary are totally different. While Nate hated the family work, and moved out as soon as he could and did not even dare to hold the contact (despite for visiting during family festivals as Christmas), Claire’s still at school though she doesn’t want to. She is rebellic and smokes, and takes drugs, etc.
The head of the family Nathaniel Fisher just bought a new funeral coach and was on his way back home. On his cell phone was Ruth his wife, who heard him smoking. They had a discussion about smoking leading to death, and Nathaniel puts his cigarette off, just to put on another one after hanging up. Ironically, this cigarette leads to his death, as he did not see the bus while lighting the cigarett. He is immediatly dead – and what should have become a horrible Christmas feast, now becomes an even worse experience as all the other family members need to get along with each other.
Soon more and more secrets are revealed. Nate, the cool guy – the typical womanizer, who seemed to be doing what he wanted was just running away, because he was afraid of dealing with death people. The mother Ruth had a one year affair with another guy. David is gay., etc.

And now this family has to go on running that family business, as this was the last will of the father.

The series starts as a series with quite a big package of black humor, but then becomes more and more serious which in my opinion is quite a pity. Especially the first episode had a quite nice idea – in regular breaks there was shown a commercial on funeral products, such as this or this. Unfortunately they did not keep that idea for the following episodes. But therefore they decided to start each episode with a dead – sometimes a really dramatically dead, sometimes a quite wired dead, which you normally don’t have twice.

On the other side it is also quite serious and shows the problems that a typical family encounters, and especially a family that makes it money with the dead of other people. It therefore also deals with moral questions and the problems a business has.

All in all it is quite nice series. The actors do a really good job, the storyline is continous, but not as strict, as e.g. Friends, which I also like quite much.

So, in conclusion I am quite happy to found this Series and look forward to the next episodes (there are 5 seasons in all, with approx. 15 episodes for each season, as far as I understood it).

And if you want to make me a really big favor, this package looks really appealing for me πŸ™‚

5 thoughts on “Six feet under

  1. Hi Kannan,

    I Did’nt had much time the past week to read or comment your blog. Good I found a minute to check it out this morning.

    Six feet under is on of the best choices you could have made. I highly recommend watching the complete series! This is one of the best TV productions HBO published so far and I really hope you’ll love it the same way I do.
    To show how much I love it let me say, it shares the same rank as friends does. That should say enough. πŸ™‚

    Anyway, you asked for some more TV Series recommendations, here they are:

    – Band of Brothers
    – Firefly
    – Jericho
    – Lost
    – Battlestar Galctica (New Series)
    – Scrubs
    – House MD.
    – Heroes
    – Arrested Developement
    – Blade
    – Dark Angel
    – Dexter

    So far so good, should keep you buisy some time. πŸ˜€ If not, well there are still alot of Anime I can recommend. πŸ™‚ A by the way, I did not mention any Star Trek, cause I think you know them anyway.

    So, have fun! πŸ™‚

  2. Hehe, I guess I know someone who spends his hole time (if he does not spend it for World of Warcraft *fg*) in watching series, is that right? πŸ˜›

    Six Feet Under together with Friends? That surely means alot πŸ˜€

    Actually I am in season 4 already (they produced much to less episodes). So I already have an opinion on the series, and it is similar to yours (only that in my opinion it is way better than Friends πŸ˜‰ ).

    Still I am a bit sad about the fact that it did not turn out to be the nice black humor “comedy” that it seemed to be, when watching the first bunch of episodes. But it is great anyway.

    I organised Dexter and Scrubs, so they will be the next series that I will watch. But at least Scrubs I won’t like, I think (hell yeah, I also thought I wouldn’t like Friends)… I am not into that hospital series, and Scrubs seems to be more of a youth hospital comedy, which is not my taste.

    Same to House MD.

    And for Lost – I have seen some episodes there, and I don’t get this hype. Everyone I know is so crazy about Lost… but yeah, I should give it a try.

    Band of Brothers is something I wanted to see (isn’t it the series set in World War II?).

    I have seen some Episodes from Battlestar Galactica by accident some time ago, and I wanted to get that as well. But there is no one I know, who has the series so I could borrow it for a while.

    And than there is Dark Angel. Maybe you remember, that in CTA-Times we both used to watch it (I think the series even started then) – and both of us thought, that the series is just average, but it is the actress that makes it pleasant to watch πŸ˜‰
    I used to stop watching it, after a while cause I thought just seeing an actress is not worth spending an evening in front of the TV – I could get a poster, if I wanted to (but anyway my taste also changed… nowadays I do not see what I used to see in her)

    Anyway, why am I writhing so much? I just wanted to look something up in the internet, and then go on learning… *rolleyes*

  3. Well, for I quit playing World of Warcraft almost a year ago, I had plenty of time for other things. πŸ˜€ Such like TV-Series, Anime, Books etc.

    I’m so happy you are happy with six feet under. I’am waiting for your post after you finished the series. I think someone will have wet eyes. πŸ™‚

    Well, If your looking for Black humor, Dexter is gone be your one. But be warned: under the surface of a fantastic and absurd kind of thriller it is much more. A story about humans and their quest for their roots, their identity and of course their existence.

    That is one of my main requirements for an exelent series/movie. To be able to see something in the movie that lies under the surface, and goes to a deeper questioning of social, philosophical, psychological or religious Motives.

    One series does this more than another and of course their purpose is still to entertain.

  4. arg, please delete the “dammit” post. I hit the wrong key. All I wanted to say is, there are words missing in my second post. is has to be “… and of course the proof of their existence.”.

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