Searching for new TV series – any recommendations?

This is a request to all folks, that view my blog. I am searching for new series fill my days with.

As you may know, I don’t own a television (and I don’t want to), but on the other hand, always listening to music or radio gets boring as well. So what I used to do, was to watch some series in English (oh, non-resynchronised movies are that much better then the German synchronisations of it). Now I have seen all of them, and I am looking out for something new. So do you have any recommendations?

To know my taste: I used to watch King of Queens for quite a while and liked it pretty much (but as it is now running for quite some years I got a little board of it). I also love SouthPark as mentioned here. And I was pretty surprised that I liked Friends – because when I saw some random episodes it bored me pretty much (but when watching it from beginning to end and in English this time, I started liking it). For those German guys, I also love Stromberg (German).

And that is it. I never used to watch much television, and if I did, it was just running in the background, or I was seeing selected movies, they showed. When I was a kid I also used to enjoy The Fresh Prince of Bel Air, and those Star Trek Series, especially Star Trek – The Next Generation and Star Trek – Deep Space Nine – and I really loved Taken, but that is not a real television Series but more a movie in ten parts, I would say.

I already got recommendations for Dexter and Scrubs. But I guess I won’t like the second one mentioned, as I am not that big comedy fan.

As special requirements to that series there is just, that you should be able to watch it, while doing something else. So I do not want something you really have to concentrate on, or something that drags your attention that much, that you don’t manage anything else at the same time – but it should not be boring, or senseless either. So… any ideas?

2 thoughts on “Searching for new TV series – any recommendations?

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