Favorite adult cartoons

Last week somehow was pretty funny, concerning cartoons, because in just one week it happened, that I was talking with three different people about cartoons, and why I like which ones, etc. (and for closure it happens that my little brothers where watching my favorite cartoon as well, and liked it pretty much).

So why not blog about it, so I can refer to it, when the next person asks? 😉

So maybe first of all the list of cartoons we are talking about (alphabetical order):

  • American Dad
  • Drawn Together
  • Family Guy
  • The Simpsons
  • South Park

I will now give a small explanation of the plot in each cartoon, about the style and humor, and why I like it, or dislike it.

But to start with I do not want to withhold you, which of them is my favourite: It’s South Park!

American Dad
This cartoon shows a family in the USA, and the general topic that is made fun of is the American fear of terroristic attacks. It is of course set in America and shows us a family with a pretty paranoid father, who is working at CIA. Then there are his wife and two children. While the wife is the person who tries to keep the family calm, there are a lot of discussions between the father, a Bush fan, advocate of the surveillance state, and military intervention and his daughter, who turned out to be a hippie. The son is more the looser type of kid, who desperately tries to get a girlfriend, and often seeks help from his father. Unlucky the CIA influenced advices from his father mostly fail. Beside this, the family keeps a speaking fish and an alien as pets (the alien is from Area 51).
This cartoon show is my second choice for best cartoons of the above list. It has some funny jokes about the current US situation, concerning the terrorist fear, and Americas foreign politics. But after watching some episodes those jokes seem to reappear, and therefore get boring. This, I guess, is no surprise, as the setting and topic are quite limited.
Drawn Together
Drawn Together shows, what happens if eight action heroes move into a big brother container. Those heroes are

  • “Captain Hero”, an imitation of Superman, but a total loser, who does not want to admit that he is gay and who has affections to different fetish practices.
  • Princess Clara”, a naive, childish, Christian fundamentalist and racist princess, that is shown as a typical Disney figure.
  • The opposite to Princess Clara is “Toot Braunstein”, a black and white cartoon character who used to be a sex symbol, that now suffers from a eating disorder, alcoholism, promiscuity and self-injury.
  • “Foxxy Love”, who is an stereotype for Afro-American female rappers. She is bisexual and has a lot of conflicts with Princess Clara.
  • “Spanky Ham” is a sarcastic, spoiled, nasty and perverted pig.
  • “Ling-Ling”, a Japanese fantasy fighting animal (with pretty much similarity to Pikachu from Pokémon, that is always trying to fight someone, and is a typical stereotype for Asians (concerning knowledge, intelligence, and moral characteristics).
  • Xandir is a gay elf from a video game, who cannot commit suicide, as he has plenty lifes, and a total stereotype for gay people.
  • And last “Wooldoor Sockbat”, a strange thing, that seems to be a imitation of Spongebob

As you can easily see from the characters, this cartoon is making fun of many different and famous known films and television shows, as well as using typical (American) stereotypes to make fun of the society.
Although I think that the idea is quite nice, I don’t really get along with the sense of humor. It is way to boisterous and perverted and way over my border of what is funny and where you need to stop. Beside, in my opinion it is quite dull, as the parodies are pretty obvious and are kept very generally.

Family Guy
This cartoon shows a typical American family, that is trying to cope with the typical problems, that you as a family might have. Special about the family is that beside the typical, quite normal set of husband, wife, son and daughter, there also are a little baby and a dog. While the husband is a stereotype stupid, fat and embarrassing American, and the older children fight with the typical problems that today’s youth has, the baby is a genius but also evil character, which always tries to gain world domination. The only thing that holds him back are the natural boundaries you have when being a baby.
The dog is the intellectual in the family, who can talk and behaves as a human.
As you can see I cannot say much to this series, as I did not watch it that often. South Park had a good way to describe Family Guy: “It is a series, where the jokes are interchangeable and not really connected to the plot. One random joke follows the other, and most of the time this is done in a flashback”.
For my part, the humor does not really affect me, so I am not really watching it.
The Simpsons
I guess this one is well known, so I’ll keep it short 😉
It shows a typical American family in a cynical way. It makes fun about the American way of living and the American Dream, and covers a wide range of topics as fast-food, television, religion, political views, etc., while using the typical stereotypes. In this kind of cartoon genre it is the oldest, and by far most famous series.
Though it is funny from time to time, I think most of the jokes are pretty dull – but at least suitable for kids.
South Park
South Park is a socio-critical cartoon showing the life of four precocious boys in their everyday’s life in the small city “South Park” of the state Colorado. Typical for this series is the satire and black humor, and the excessive use of bad swearwords. As the producers where not that talented drawers and also had not much money in the beginning, they used a stop-motion technique, which leads to a minimalistic drawing style. Today this is done by computer. This introduced a lot of new special effects, but the characters stayed as they where. The four boys are:

  • Eric Cartman – a fat boy, that is pretty spoiled as single child, living with his mother. He is mean, and not really liked by the others, but still hangs out with them. In school he is not doing well, but still he is quite intelligence, when it comes to lying, getting out of trouble, or other business – especially when it comes to his advantage. He is a typical patriotic nationalist, hates Jews, hippies, poor people, and is racist, and affective to any kind of prejudices. He does not care about others and leaves his friends, when it comes to problems, or when things are not done the way he wants it (famous quote “Screw you guys, I’m going home”). He also often plays really mean tricks on his friends as well as on others.
    The creators of South Park once said, that Cartman is the “dirty little bastard, that lies in all of us”
  • Kyle Broflovski – is a Jew, and next to Stan one of the clever and reasonable guys in South Park. Those two are often even smarter than the rest of South Park. Kyles family fulfills all prejudices there are about Jews, and therefore even Kyle sometimes has problems with them (famous quote “Don’t be such a Jew, dad!” – “Kyle, don’t insult our people!”). His best friend is Stan. He also has a small brother, Ike, who is an adopted child from Canada.
  • Stan Marsh – is similar to Kyle also a quite intelligent and reasonable guy and often acts as mediator in fights between Klye and Eric. But he suffers a lot from his family. Especially his father is really silly and often embarrasses Stan. And his older and stronger sister Sally is always trying to beat him up.
  • Kenny McCormick – is the last of the four friends. Kenny’s family is poor and lives on social aid. His parents are typical rednecks (as is a big part of the South Park people). He is brave and knows a lot more about sex then any of the other guys – who often won’t believe him when he explains the meaning of certain words, they use (famous quote “Sick dude!”). Although his friends always understand him, most of the time it is impossible to understand him, as he is always wearing a parker with a hood that is tied over his mouth. Typical for Kenny is, that in the first episode he died in nearly every episode, but was back in the following (famous quote Stan: “Oh my God! They killed Kenny!” Kyle: “You bastards!”). At the end of the fifth Season there is one whole Episode dealing with his dead, and in the total sixth Season Kenny does not appear anymore. It seemed like he was dead for sure, but in the end he suddenly appeared again, and from then on he only dies very rarely.

What makes South Park one of the best cartoons ever is that next to it’s brilliant black humor, and the satire they use, they concentrate on a lot of recent events, and with a lot of exaggeration manage to show the audience how stupid some trends and developments are. Next to recent events, like terrorism, political issues, and social topics, there are also a lot of taboo topics that are dealt with. Next to caricaturing, black humor, and satire there are also often used metaphors to get accros the message that the creators want to spread.

All in all I think that South Park is a must see, if you are not sensitive to black humor. It is not only the funniest cartoon, but also covers a wider range of topics, and has the best critical view on current issues and put’s them across in a really entertaining way.

Oh, and by the way – you can watch all South Park episodes through the internet. Just visit the official site.
There is another resource in the internet that offers torrent downloads, but I am not sure whether this is legal or not – so I advice you to only use it if you need security back-ups for your original copy you bought somewhere!
Both ressources are in English – but even if you are native German: I really recommend you to watch the English version as it is way better than the German one!

So have fun watching cartoons 😉

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