This post I want to dedicate to a still quiet unknown band from the medieval music subculture.
The band itself is called Faun, after the mythological creature Faunus, that is also known as Satyr (one of the band members pseudonym), or Pan.
They call their music style “pagan folk”. Paganus is Latin and originally meant villager, but was used by the church during the middle ages for all heathen people. Heathenism is a group of old religions from Central Europe, where the people believed in many gods, mostly as forces of nature, as well as many mystical creatures (elves, dwarfs, forest ghosts, etc.). All in all those religions where very close to nature.
The band itself founded the name to describe their music. It is folk music, most of the songs are historical songs, in all different kind of old, medieval languages, which are not spoken anymore.

The band consist of five members, one of them joined the band in April, this year, as substitute for another member that left the band. There are two female and one male voice. As instrument there are different kind of drums, different (medieval) flutes as well as different (medieval) strings and guitars. And finally there is a synthesizer. As most of the band members master more than one instrument, different songs consist out of different instruments.
This fact gives the music also a large variety of styles. The instruments are played in typical European medieval and also Arabic medieval ways. There are songs which are more gental and calm – ideal to chill, dream and let you carry away into different fantasy worlds, as well as songs with a lot of beat, that want to make you dance. And there are even songs which are only spoken text.
The topics of the songs mostly cover mystic or medieval stories.

I liked this band since I know them, but after visiting a concert of this band I really love them. The concert was also the motivation for me to write this post. The concert was great, amazing. This has also to do with the new female singer “Sandra Elflein”, who not only has a different, but great voice (compared to the antecessor) but also plays the violin – a instrument that this band did not master before. This gives a significant, but totally positive change to the old songs. Also the show was great, there where a lot of jokes made by the band during the songs, it was a pretty small concert with about 50-100 people only, and there is no space between stage and crowd, so you could touch them if you wanted (one of the Band members accidentally nearly stepped on my hand!)

So all in all it was a great experience for me. They really made me like them a lot more than I did anyway. And I am really looking forward to visit a lot more concerts!

To get an idea of their music you could have a look at YouTube:

Official Band Site

2 thoughts on “Faun

  1. Ich kenne Faun und ich finde sie wunderbar. Abgesehen davon dass ich Mittelaltermusik und -Märkte ohnehin wunderbar finde. Aber Faun lohnen sich wirklich, dass man sich die anhört (:

    Liebe Grüße

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